Posted by Team Kidizen | December 18, 2017
An Easy List to Help Navigate Subcategories

Even if you’re new to listing, you’ll find it’s usually pretty easy to figure out subcategories. There are some cases where it isn’t so obvious, however. Like...capris. Are they pants? Are they shorts? Let’s explore this question (and more like it) together. Here is a list of some items that...

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Posted by Dori Graff | December 6, 2017
Get Your Passports Ready! Stamps Are Here

When we introduced Kidizen with its official tagline, "A New State of Mine," in early September, we shared how the power of belonging inside our community had inspired the brand's updated look and feel. In an increasingly digital world, we wanted to nurture that environment; essentially creating your home away...

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Posted by Team Kidizen | November 30, 2017
A Sizing Guide for All Brands

With so many brands from so many different places, each with their own system for determining size—it can make choosing the “correct” size difficult when listing. To help, I’ve outlined how sizing works and what you would want to list it under for maximum exposure. HINT: Always make sure to...

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Posted by Dori Graff | November 16, 2017
Let’s Talk Abbreviations!

There are so many acronyms circulating around buying, selling, and sharing online these days. Hop from one discussion group to the next and you might find out a word you thought you knew means something entirely different to someone else. Of course, when it comes to listing, you'll want to...

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Posted by Team Kidizen | November 15, 2017
A Selling Pro Weighs In: Why Your Photography is Important

To begin, I am an overachiever and a perfectionist: I want everything I do to be successful. I am a mama to two little ladies who are the air I breathe; without them, I wouldn’t survive. I have always been an independent, working individual—even before their arrival. Being a SAHM,...

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