Let’s Talk Abbreviations!

There are so many acronyms circulating around buying, selling, and sharing online these days. Hop from one discussion group to the next and you might find out a word you thought you knew means something entirely different to someone else.

Of course, when it comes to listing, you’ll want to make sure you’re tagging or describing your items using terms everyone in the Kidizen community understands. Using common language and abbreviations makes it easier for others to find clothes and accessories in your shop—and it just might save you some time responding to questions from curious buyers. I’ve outlined a few of the most popular terms we’ve seen below and if you have any more, please just LMK (that’s let me know!) in the comments.


NWT – New With Tag 
Items with this designation are brand new, unused, unwashed, and undamaged; they must include the tag and may still have the item’s original retail packaging. 

NWOT – New Without Tag
Like the previous description, these listings are brand new, unused, unwashed, and undamaged, but do not have the tag; this might have been misplaced or accidentally removed. 

EUC – Excellent Used Condition
These items have little to no fading due to wash or wear.

VGUC – Very Good Used Condition
A listing with this tag might have some fading from washing or wear; it will not have stains or holes. 

GUC – Good Used Condition
A piece of clothing might have more fading or other signs of being used (and well-loved); a pair of shoes might be scuffed or have slight discoloration. You might also see some small stains, but otherwise everything is in great shape.

PLAY – Heavier Wash or Wear
These items still have some life left in them, but may have more significant fading, discoloration, stains, and general wear & tear. 


HSA – Highly Sought After
An item with a lot of interest; it might be from a popular seasonal collection or a brand with limited or small-batch releases.

HTF – Hard To Find
In addition to the previous description, these listings might also be from past seasons, discontinued, or generally do not get resold very often. 

IRL – In Real Life
If someone is curious to see what one of your listings looks like when it’s being worn, they might message you “IRL?” to see it on a child.

ISO – In Search Of
A community member might include this in an item’s description or comment field to let others know they’re trying to find it—and they need some help!

LMK – Let Me Know
A quick sign-off for community members looking for extra information. 

OBO – Or Best Offer
A seller who posts this in the description of their shop or listings might be persuaded to drop prices; still, we recommend being considerate when making a counter offer. 

OOAK – One Of A Kind
This item cannot be found anywhere else!

OOTD – Outfit Of The Day
You might see this abbreviation in the Kidizen Gallery; community members regularly share what their kids are wearing to inspire their friends and followers. 

PM – Private Message
Need more information about an item? Have a question for the seller that you want to keep 1-on-1? Suggest a PM.