Posted by | May 1, 2018
Shop My Cart! | Editor’s Picks for Early Summer

Getting tired of hearing us talk about the transition to spring and all its accompanying layers? Well, we've finally had more than two days with temperatures over 70 degrees at Kidizen HQ here in Minneapolis and that means spring is finally happening. We feel pretty safe saying summer is on...

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Posted by | April 13, 2018
Four Brands Stylish Kids Need to Know for Summer

Let's say you're looking for some new-to-you brands to round out your family's style this spring and summer. We can help! If you're on a journey to learn and explore what's out there—we have over 400 brands in the Kidizen marketplace at last count—you'll love our new series featuring the...

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Posted by | October 19, 2017
4 Simple Tips for Raising Unique Style

Editor's note: Welcome to our new series on encouraging self-expression through style. This is our second post (you can find the first one on balancing your style and your kids' style right here) — we hope you find it helpful! Want to share your story? Let us know! —Kate Each kid...

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Posted by | September 11, 2017
Kids Got Style

Getting your kids dressed. We’d like to say it’s a simple matter of putting on one Rags to Raches pant leg at a time. But for any parent who has refreshed an Alice & Ames shop page at midnight until the newest collection goes live, joined 18 Matilda Jane B/S/T...

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Posted by | August 18, 2016
Kidizen Goes Local

NEED HELP SELLING? Do you have bins of outgrown kiddo clothing taking up space? The decluttering process can be overwhelming, but local Style Scouts are coming to a town near you and are ready to help, and help you make some extra money along the way. Since you might not have the time to...

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