Posted by Team Kidizen | July 1, 2017
Choosing the Right Time to List Your Items

Here’s a short-and-sweet rundown on the types of items and sales you can expect to be in-demand throughout the year. JANUARY - FEBRUARY This is a great time to run a big winter clearance sale to clean out your inventory and catch those thrifty shoppers planning for the months ahead...

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Posted by Mary Fallon | February 20, 2017
Kids Talk Hamilton

This Presidents' Day, Kidizen wants to remind you that the founding fathers . . . were kids once too. Your kids are the world’s future leaders and protectors, creators and doers, entrepreneurs and civic stewards. What do you say we give em the opportunity to express themselves and start making their...

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Posted by Team Kidizen | January 15, 2017
How to Photograph Your Listings

I have learned many tips and tricks that make photographing listings quick, easy, and effective since I got my start on Kidizen. For anyone who wants to start selling (and gain sales and followers in the process) my top pieces of advice are: choose a consistent and neutral background, take...

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Posted by Mary Fallon | December 28, 2016
Fashion Tales: Eloise

TJ Townsend (from Luella with Love) and Jen Snyder (Stella + James Finds) put their imaginations together to create the loveliest collection for the little Eloise fan in your life. Don your tutus, feathers and finery and be fashionably inspired by the world of Eloise, the most famous resident of...

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Posted by Mary Fallon | August 18, 2016
Raising Kidizen

Dori(left) and I(right) met many years ago while working at a design agency. We were pregnant at the same time. She was the cute pregnant lady with that perfectly shaped basketball extruding from her otherwise normal body and I was . . . not. I was so swollen that when...

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