An Easy List to Help Navigate Subcategories

Even if you’re new to listing, you’ll find it’s usually pretty easy to figure out subcategories. There are some cases where it isn’t so obvious, however. Like…capris. Are they pants? Are they shorts? Let’s explore this question (and more like it) together.

Here is a list of some items that pop up fairly frequently:

CAPRIS: Clothing  ➜ Pants

TUNICS: Clothing  ➜ Tops

SWEATER DRESSES: Clothing  ➜ Dresses

BLOOMERS: Clothing  ➜ Undergarments

TIGHTS: Accessories  ➜ Legwear

BONNETS: Accessories  ➜ Hats

BLANKETS: Room & Nursery  ➜ Bedding

SLEEPSACKS: Baby Essentials  ➜ Sleep

SWADDLES: Baby Essentials  ➜ Sleep

BIBS: Baby Essentials  ➜ Feeding

TEETHING & PACIFIERS: Baby Essentials  ➜ Soothing

NURSING ITEMS: Baby Essentials  ➜ Nursing

Hope this helps to alleviate any confusion on what subcategory to list your items under!


Randi Pivec, a.k.a. Violet’s Closet, is a kids clothes shopaholic and Wonder Woman-obsessed mama of two who is just trying to figure this parenting thing out. She loves to answer any and all questions about Kidizen in the app and the Hello Kidizen Facebook group. When she isn’t helping other moms navigate buying and selling, she’s curating collections and brainstorming new style features.