Posted by | April 25, 2018
New! Promote Your Kidizen Shop with Instagram Story Templates

Our creative team is excited to have designed a handful of fun templates to help our mamas share a little bit about themselves—and promote their shops—on Instagram! Download or screenshot the templates below, then use them in your Instagram stories. Be sure to tag us so we can re-share!  Team Kidizen...

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Posted by | November 16, 2017
Let’s Talk Abbreviations!

There are so many acronyms circulating around buying, selling, and sharing online these days. Hop from one discussion group to the next and you might find out a word you thought you knew means something entirely different to someone else. Of course, when it comes to listing, you'll want to...

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Posted by | November 9, 2017
So You Made Your First Sale — Now What?

The notification that you've made your first sale can bring on a wave of emotions — excitement, pride, and yes, even anxiety — just ask any shop owner in Kidizen! After you've thrown your celebratory confetti, however, it's time to take a deep breath and get down to business. Asking yourself...

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Posted by | October 26, 2017
Kid Tips of the Week

This week we tapped into the Kidizen community to get some of their advice for first-time sellers and (lucky you!) their tips ranged from photography to item descriptions to finding a great schedule for listing. PHOTOGRAPHY "I think good, well-let photos and reasonable prices are the basic keys." — Jessica...

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Posted by | October 19, 2017
4 Ways to Boost Visitors to Your Kidizen Shop

You open your Kidizen account. Pick a cute shop name. Add a profile photo and clever description. Then, you lovingly list a handful of your kids' favorite (but outgrown) clothes. And then ... well, you might wait. It's not uncommon to ask yourself, "How in the world do I get...

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