Get Your Passports Ready! Stamps Are Here

When we introduced Kidizen with its official tagline, “A New State of Mine,” in early September, we shared how the power of belonging inside our community had inspired the brand’s updated look and feel. In an increasingly digital world, we wanted to nurture that environment; essentially creating your home away from home. In our imaginations, Kidizen was a virtual neighborhood where a mom from St. Paul, Minnesota could connect effortlessly with a mom in Austin, Texas. To share. Shop. Talk. Like they were neighbors.

As we dug further into that goal, it occurred to us that as much as Kidizen felt like home, it also opened door to new people and places. To new experiences. New brands. And learning. So much learning. Everything from how to sell a pair of Mini Melissa pineapple flats to taking non-blurry holiday photos. It almost felt like … a cross-country adventure. And when paired with our desire to recognize each Kidizen member for what they brought to the community, the Kidizen Passport and stamps were born.

The passport and stamps will be featured on every individual’s profile, allowing them to show off their accomplishments as awesome sellers or rockstar community members. Love sharing photos in the Gallery? Boom. We have a stamp for that. Are you really good at selling? Like, really good? We have something for that, too. Perhaps you’re new to Kidizen and just getting started—yep you’re covered.

The Kidizen team plans to roll out more stamps over time, but for now we’re starting with 11. You can find out more about them and how to earn them right here. And because they’re retroactive, you might already see one or two (or three) on your profile now. Go ahead! Take a look! We hope you have as much fun sharing them as we did creating them.