Posted by Randi Pivec | November 23, 2022
Kidizen Family Stories: Gretchen Kolden

Welcome to our first post featuring a family story from the Kidizen community. November is National Native American Heritage Month so we wanted to learn more about the Indigenous culture of this month’s featured family. We spoke with Gretchen Kolden, a Kidizen seller and mama of 2 Native girls. Our...

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Posted by Randi Pivec | March 29, 2022
How To Create And Use Kidizen Collections

Collections are a great way to curate listings based on what inspires you. Or send a family member a wish list. You can even use them to organize your shop! So how do you create one? Find your collections by going to your Me tab > Scroll down to Collections...

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Posted by Randi Pivec | March 18, 2022
Shop Spotlight: Carter Roo

Meet Jennifer, California mom of 5 and the woman behind the shop Carter Roo.    We're so excited, you are our first Shop Spotlight on our blog! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your family? I’m equally as excited!! We are a family of 7, that...

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Posted by Randi Pivec | March 11, 2022
Kid Tip: Listing Photography

Everything you need to know to create great listing photography in 6 steps! Snap picture of item in a naturally lit area, such as by a window. Cardboard or foam whiteboards make great backdrops. Use the PhotoRoom app to remove background to create a perfectly white background for your cover...

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Posted by Randi Pivec | February 27, 2022
Eco-Friendly Shipping Tips

If you’re on Kidizen, you’ve chosen to embrace resale in one way or another which means you’re already making environmentally friendly choices. And if you’re a Kidizen seller, you know that shipping is an essential part of your resale business and that finding sustainable ways to ship what you sell...

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