Your Kidizen Shop + Customer Service 101

If you sell online, you’re bound to cross paths with a buyer who is unhappy. Even if you’re doing everything you can to make their experience a great one. It happens! Here’s what you should do if you find yourself in that position, and possibly turn the interaction into a positive one for your shop.

I always apologize for the issue. People’s expectations are all over the place when buying resale and it’s possible I haven’t met a buyer’s expectations or I might have actually missed a defect when listing.  We are human after all!

Depending on the circumstances, I’ll offer to have the buyer return the item on my dime by purchasing a label through the app or I might offer a partial refund through the app. If the buyer seems like they are operating in goodwill, I’ll typically also offer a discount in addition to my shop discount for a future purchase. If I truly don’t think the complaint is justified and the buyer is pushing for a partial or full refund in an effort to take advantage, I’ll take it to Kidizen and let them help resolve the issue.

HINT: If a return is initiated, you can send a return label through the Kidizen app, then issue a full refund when your item is returned. I recommend waiting until you can confirm the item arrives in the same condition it was sent.  I also like to make Kidizen aware when this is going on just in case it turns into an odd situation.

I want to handle returns and unhappy customers like the best retailers in the industry, even though it’s just me and my kids’ clothes. Being kind and bending over backward to make sure someone is satisfied not only means I’m following the Golden Rule, but also may create a return customer who could potentially spread good word of mouth about my shop.


Katie, a.k.a. Hair Bows + Hot Wheels, is stay at home mama to Grace and Anders. She is the wife of a super hot firefighter, lover of coffee, good music, and exploring the outdoors with her family.

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why can I not access my shop from my desktop to print a report?

Hi Emefa,
Kidizen was originally designed to be a phone app. We made the decision to focus on mobile because most of our users are busy moms who tend to be on their phones more than a desktop computer. That said, we recently added the ability to shop via the website and will continue to add more features as we further develop the site. Thank you in advance for your patience as we continue to improve our platform!

Im interested in becoming a seller but work long hours and will likely need to use a scout to help me get things moving along. What kind of fees can I expect to pay?

Hi Leah! Scouts are commission based, so there’s no upfront fee. As items sell, you get 60% of the profits (after shipping and platform fees are deducted) and they receive 40%. It’s easy and convenient, which makes it especially great for working parents!