When the Rush of Sales Turns to Crickets

In a perfect universe, sellers on Kidizen would make sales every single day. But as anyone who has opened a shop knows, that’s just not the case. Novices and veterans alike will experience lulls in sales, regardless of their inventory size or their tenure as sellers. So before you panic, grab a calendar and keep calm – this, too, shall pass.

From my perspective, sales in June and July are historically slow as molasses. Most buyers are well stocked in summer clothing and poolside essentials long before these hot summer months hit. And shoppers on Kidizen are often too busy enjoying their summer vacations to have back-to-school shopping on their mind (no matter HOW ready mom might be for school to start again). Keep this in mind, and expect sales to pick up significantly by the end of July through early September.

Similarly, the holiday months of November and December can be pretty slow for sellers on any platform. Big box stores (and good ol’ Amazon) are competing to boost year-end bottom lines and are often running mega sales. In my experience, it’s hard to compete with those major discounts, especially on the secondhand market. By mid-January, sales will slowly start to pick back up (think Valentine’s Day shopping), and you can expect a progressive uptick in sales beginning early or mid-February through the end of April when spring and summer items begin to peak.

Sometimes there’s no reason for a lull in sales, other than that there just aren’t enough buyers. Maybe things are financially tight until payday, or perhaps they’re saving their Kidbucks for something special. It can be unsettling and frustrating as a seller to have sales come to a halt. Take a deep breath, give up blaming yourself or your inventory, and stay the course. If you’re being active in the app (try things like: listing new items, bumping, posting quality pictures, creating collections, etc.) things will turn around in due time. Patience is key and remember – we’ve all been there!


Annie Enriquez, a.k.a. The Titan & The Lily, is a West Coast mama with Midwest roots, raising beautiful little troublemakers, Lily and Atlas, in Seattle, WA.