Bundling Your Listings

It’s safe to say most Kidizen shoppers are looking for a great deal. A bundle (a purchase of 2 or more items) is an awesome way to save on shipping and to give buyers a better price. Here are a couple options for how to sell bundles in your shop:

Setting a shop discount is my favorite (and in my opinion, the easiest) way for buyers to purchase a bundle from my shops. A shop discount allows the seller to automatically give the buyer a discount on combined shipping.

Shop Discount Set-up

Shop Discount on Profile

I typically keep my discount at 20% off 2+ items. Setting a shop discount means you don’t need to create a separate bundle listing. The buyer adds the items to their shopping cart and the discount automatically shows up on the order screen.

Bundle listings are a great way to group outfits or similar sizes & styles together for a lower price. Infant sizes generally take longer to sell and may sell faster in a bundle rather than individually.

HINT: When posting bundles for sale, keep in mind the weight of the bundle and remember to factor shipping costs into your price. Heavier bundles cost more to ship and could end up eating your profits if your bundle price is too low.

If a shopper asks you for a lower price on multiple items, there are two ways to do this. You can either update your shop discount to match the requested price or create a new bundle listing to include the desired items. If you create a new listing, label it as “Reserved” and make sure to include photos of each item and a detailed description of the sizing & condition of each item.

Happy bundling!


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