Make Your Orders Pop!

While it isn’t required, adding a little something extra to your packages in the form of an inexpensive toy or trinket is a great way to surprise your buyers. It can make someone’s day, help you get better feedback, and it’s just plain nice! Here’s my approach for adding a pop to your orders.

When I’m preparing to pack an order, the first thing I do is think about the size of the item purchased and visit the buyer’s Kidizen shop to see if I can determine their child (or children’s) interests. Then I’ll hunt through my container of free enclosures and try to add something fitting, whether it be stickers, a small toy, hair bow, etc. For example, if the child loves owls, I’ll try to add something owl-related.

The places I like to pick up little items are Target’s $1 section, Michael’s, Ross, Dollar General, and Tuesday Morning. You can get large books of stickers with multiple sheets for $1, and fun socks, Disney or Star Wars themed items, and seasonal goodies. I have also been known to pass on something that once belonged to my kids, such as a little puzzle or hair clip.

Next, I roll the purchased item tight and place it in a cellophane or Ziplock bag, along with the free gift. If I have some on hand, I’ll wrap both in tissue paper and tie with twine (Michael’s always has these for sale) before putting it into the bag. And I like to try to include a little note for the buying mom as well.


1.   Reuse mailer bags, tissue paper, protective wrapping, and any fillers from previous purchases.

2.   Consider purchasing mailer bags made of recycled material and/or those with a second sealing strip that can be reused by the recipient.

3.   Recycle poly mailer bags, ziplock type sandwich bags, and bubble filler at your local grocery store (including Target!).

I order my poly mailers from UpaknShip. They have such fun designs, and aren’t expensive at all! I’ll put the closed bag inside a decorative mailer, and fill out an index card with the addresses, which I tape to the front. Depending on the season, I’ll add festive stickers on the address label.

That’s it! I always look to fellow Momizens for continued inspiration, and keep trying to improve on sending out a fun and unexpected package.


Lisa Willem, a.k.a. Jelly Bean Schemes, is a stay at home mother of two who loves shopping for her kids, slow dancing with her husband, and working on anything creative.

Blog Comments

Hi! I’ve just received my first order from Kidizen, and I was very pleased with the speed in which I received it and the quality of the item. I was disappointed, however, to find that the item was shipped in a new plastic mailer, and inside was a needless cellophane bag and a cheap trinket, also in a cellophane bag. All this despite the fact that I asked the seller to reuse old packaging in my shipment. Now I see she was just following your instructions. I try to get my kids’ clothes secondhand for environmental reasons, so the extra plastic and whatnot just undermines these efforts. Could I suggest either altering your recommendations for packaging or being clear that following the buyer’s requests could Trump these instructions? At any rate, I’ll most likely use your website again, thank you for creating this resource for secondhand kids clothing!

Hi Emily,
You make such a great point! I agree that we need to provide more information on options for environmentally responsible shipping that include info on how to recycle poly mailers, where to purchase mailers that use recycled material, and how to package items in environmentally friendly ways. I am saddened to hear that the seller did not follow your request. Sustainability is such a critical part of our mission at Kidizen, and so we take your comments to heart. We will be sure to take the necessary steps to provide more environmentally responsible options and instructions.

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