25 Days of Top-Selling Brands: Mini Rodini

As we countdown our top-selling brands of 2023, we want to take a moment to reflect on what makes each brand loved in our community. Today, we celebrate Mini Rodini. Mini Rodini is a Swedish brand that designs playful kids’ clothing to match their mood, personality, and creativity. They use sustainable materials to create unique prints and signature designs to showcase a limitless imagination. Their collections carry a variety of pieces, including tops, dresses, leggings, sweatshirts, jumpsuits & overalls, and jackets for boys and girls. Popular designs include ET, strawberry, leopard, unicorn, liberty, penguin, duck, swan, and mice. They also have multiple collections from a collab with iconic brand Adidas


*Cosette Penny

*Mary Stokes


Directly from our community:

“I love the unique prints and quality fabric. The pieces feel like art hanging in my kid’s closet. Sometimes I just like to look at them. I hate when we outgrow these favorites.”  – Ashley Marino

“Putting Mini Rodini on my kids instantly makes me feel like the hippest mom. The prints are so unique and the quality is top notch.” – Mary Stokes


Sizing Notes:

Mini Rodini sizing tends to run true to size. They have unique sizing in that a lot of their items have double sizing or a size range. We have included Mini Rodini size charts for reference. 


Mini Rodini Kids Double Size Chart

Mini Rodini Kids Single Size Chart

Mini Rodini Baby Double Size Chart

Mini Rodini Baby Single Size Chart

Mini Rodini Hat Size Chart

Mini Rodini Socks Size Chart



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