25 Days of Top-Selling Brands: Magnetic Me

As we countdown our top-selling brands of 2023, we want to take a moment to reflect on what makes each brand loved in our community. Today, we celebrate Magnetic Me. Magnetic Me is the new name yet the same quality as Magnificent Baby. Magnetic Me is all about functional everyday comfort for newborns, babies, and toddlers. Their popular jackets, sleep sacks, gowns, coveralls & rompers, pajamas, and onesies are designed for easy on-off wear and quick diaper changes to make your life simpler! Cutting edge design elements like the magnetized closure of the Magnetic Me fleece footies and pajamas are a signature of this mommy-friendly brand.

*Dani Izzie

*26leather bows

*Heather Riggleman


Directly from our community:

“These were great for nighttime changes! No more fumbling around half asleep in the dark!” – Ashley Marino

Magnetic Me is amazing if you can find it. Sooooooo much easier than snaps OR zippers!!” – Angel Wings

If you have a newborn and haven’t tried magnetic sleepers, you NEED to. They seriously are a lifesaver for middle of the night diaper changes. It’s so much easier than fumbling with buttons or snaps!” – 26leather bows


Sizing Notes:

Magnetic Me may run a little small given they must have a tighter fit due to sleepwear regulations. We have included Magnetic Me size charts for reference. 

Magnetic Me Baby Clothing and Accessories Size Chart

Magnetic Me Toddler & Big Kids Size Chart


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