25 Days of Top-Selling Brands: Patagonia

As we countdown our top-selling brands of 2023, we want to take a moment to reflect on what makes each brand loved in our community. Today, we celebrate Patagonia. Patagonia is famous for designing outdoor clothing that is built to last for many years. Their company commitment to sustainability means that your children’s clothing is designed to be passed on, repaired, and recycled. Patagonia’s most loved women’s and kids’ items include their signature boys’ and girls’ retro fleece jackets and vests, down coats, vests, synchillas, base layers (including capilene), and swimsuits.

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Directly from our community:

“This is my favorite splurge brand for me and my kids! You absolutely cannot say the cheaper versions are “just as good.” Patagonia is warmer. Lasts longer. Looks better. Holds its resell value. All around designed better.” – Ashley Marino

“One of our favorite outdoor brands. Warm, durable, and great resale value. I feel the jackets run generous and we can get a couple years out of the same jacket before needing to size up.” – Danielle Bowen @charmcitykids 

I never regret dressing my kiddos in Patagonia. I love the quality of their garments and the company’s environmental activism.” – Bethany Woll Frank


Sizing Notes:

Patagonia seems to run true to size to generous depending on the style.  We have included Patagonia size charts for reference. 

Patagonia Baby & Toddler Size Chart

Patagonia Kids’ Size Chart


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