25 Days of Top-Selling Brands: Mini Boden

As we countdown our top-selling brands of 2023, we want to take a moment on what makes each brand loved in our community. Today, we celebrate Mini Boden. Mini Boden along with Baby Boden (baby line) and Johnnie B (tween and teen line) are international favorites for their whimsical, imaginative clothing designs that celebrate childhood. Sizes range from baby to pre-teen and include everyday basics along with special occasion girls dresses and outfits. Limited edition collections such as the Roald Dahl and Harry Potter lines have become highly sought after, along with applique tees, colorful jackets, jersey dresses, playsuits, and pajamas. Boden boys’ and girls’ accessories such as hats, leggings, tights, and socks help complete every outfit. Some classic Boden designs include rainbows, unicorns, hedgehogs, ducks, dinosaurs, and mushrooms, frogs, and space themes. 

*Danielle Bowen

*Carra Bates

*Ashley Marino


Directly from our community:

I love the playfulness and true childhood feeling that the Mini Boden brand brings. They offer a wide variety of prints and colors that ignite the imagination and peak kids’ interest. My children have loved wearing styles from this brand from play clothes to dressy and the quality is fantastic. ” – Carra Bates


“We love Mini Boden for so many reasons – the vibrant colors and designs are so fun and capture the true essence of childhood. The intricateness of the appliqués, embroidery, and details display the quality of the pieces. The resale value is also great. We find Mini Boden fits true to size for the most part.” – Danielle Bowen


I love Mini Boden for a lot of reasons! Classic timeless pieces that hold their value. The shapes are easy to wear and the designs are appealing to kids and adults. I know my son will always agree to wear appliqué shirts from Mini Boden, even if it is a bunny, because there is always a fun twist to it. We always get compliments, our hometown is a Mini Boden desert lol. On the selling end Mini Boden is my favorite brand to list because the clothing lays well and the designs photograph well. I have no issues moving it.” – Ashley Marino

Sizing Notes:

Mini Boden seems to run mostly true to size. Many items use a size range, the higher number being similar to the singular sizes other brands use. For example, a 3-4 year in Mini Boden would fit similar to a 4 year in other brands (since singular sizes are an ‘up to’ size). We have included Mini Boden size charts for reference. 


Baby Sizes

Kid Sizes

Baby and Toddler Shoe Sizes

Kid Shoe Sizes



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