Closet Clean Out Challenge Day 3: Kids Outerwear

It might seem past the season to sell that down parka but one thing I have learned from being a seller on Kidizen is there will always be a buyer looking for something off-season. So, when your kiddo outgrows those snow pants or that winter jacket, don’t wait until next fall because you might miss out on a potential sale. 

And remember, spring jacket season is right around the corner so dig into last year’s vault for that outgrown raincoat!


About The Author

Randi Pivec

Randi Pivec a.k.a. Violet’s Closet, is a kids clothes shopaholic and photo-obsessed mama of two who is just trying to figure this parenting thing out. She loves to answer any and all questions about Kidizen in the app and the Hello Kidizen Facebook group. When she isn’t helping other moms navigate buying and selling, she’s curating collections and brainstorming new style features.