A Look Back at Baby Clothes from the 1970’s

Have you ever looked at your baby dressed in today’s clothing and wondered what they’d look like if it were the 1970’s? Times, they have a’changed! While what’s old comes full circle and becomes “new” again, it’s fun to take a walk back into time and view funky, vintage fashion. Read on to learn what was totally hot in the disco decade for babies and kids!

Sesame Street Everything
Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? It sure seemed like every child around could. They were dressed head to toe like their favorite character. Since the show came on air in 1969, it became instantly popular.

If you’d walk down the street, you’d be sure to see a little girl totally rocking a yellow, Big Bird rain coat, or a little boy wearing a crocheted Cookie Monster sweater. Basically, if it has a surface area, you could find the face of a beloved character.

Safe Sleepwear
Have you ever wondered why today’s pajamas are always labeled as safe and organic? It probably had to do with the fact that kids from the 70’s were put to bed wearing flame retardant pajamas. While parents had peace of mind when their kids slept, their house robes, night gowns, and jammie sets were loaded with harmful chemicals! If it was labeled, flame resistant, parents had to have it.

Denim on Denim
Lovingly called a Canadian Tuxedo, wearing denim on denim was a huge hit. Snug, bell bottom jeans were paired perfectly with a long denim jacket. Some kind of white or wildly printed button-down collared top was tucked into the pants to offset the look. Sometimes, the jacket would feature colorful, patchwork embellishments if kids were really lucky! How beautiful.

Wide Leg Pants
These roomy pants weren’t just worn by adults. Little boys and girls often wore wide leg pants with a fitted, striped long-sleeved knit. Popularly worn for play, the pants weren’t restricting, were featured in dark tones, and were ultra-comfortable.

Cowboy Clothing
I can remember looking back at some of my cousins’ baby pictures and they were literally dressed up like cowboys and cowgirls. While it was not Halloween, it was pretty cool to walk around your neighborhood and supermarket wearing cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, chap inspired pants, and also fringe vests with horses on it. As a child of the ’80s, I feel totally deprived and jealous.

Big Sis, Little Sis
When it comes to siblings in the ’70s, expect to see them dressed exactly alike-even if they are not twins and have a seven-year age difference. It was totally the thing to dress in one family “uniform,” especially when posting for family pictures, or vacationing together. Every detail had to match as well-from vests, to shoes, to stockings, and scarves; the big sis-little sis look was a must.

Oversized Turtlenecks
Were parents afraid that their kids were going to freeze to death as they walked to school in the winter? Is that why they stuffed them in oversized turtlenecks? Also called cowl necks, this unisex sweater was worn religiously, especially during fall and winter months.

Plaid Pants
Plaid pants could be found in every baby, toddler, child, and teen (don’t forget adults either) of the 70’s. Not the most flattering trend, the prints were big, bold, and bulky. Designed in muffled tones like mustard yellow, dirt brown, and cherry red; you were to be considered very unstylish if you didn’t own a pair!

Fuzzy, Celebrity Inspired Pajamas
If they were on television, you could find their face ironed onto a pair of long, fuzzy, full sleeve pajamas for girls. Even little boys were wearing their favorite starts on their shirt to bed. Cartoon characters also were popular bedtime apparel embellishments!

Big, Big Buttons
Buttons could be found on every sweater designed in the 70’s. Much like the hair, the bigger, the better! Shiny, plastic, and oftentimes uniquely shaped, big buttons could make or break an outfit. Children’s denim dresses, onesies, and cute Sunday suits were adorned with these oversized embellishments.

There’s nothing better than taking a stroll down memory lane. While I was not dressed in 70’s fashion, I know a lot of people that were young children in that decade. All I can say to our current generation is be glad the times and styles have changed. Otherwise, it could be you right now wearing plaid bell bottoms and a mustard yellow cowl neck sweater to school! If you’re wondering where to find the hottest new baby clothes for today’s modern baby or toddler, have a look some boutique stores such as Bitsy Bug Boutique or Kidizen marketplace online. Both great for seeing a mix of classic baby clothing items with a modern fashion twist to them!