When the Kids Are Away, The Moms Will Play

We asked the Kidizen community what it felt like to send their kids back to school. Some were happy, some were sad, some were really funny. Take a peek, have a laugh (or cry) and share your own!

“I love going to breakfast alone. Hot coffee, warm food, and no one throws their food on the floor.” — Katie Noland Griggs, Tiny t&t

“I drink my coffee while it is still HOT, talk on the phone, and run on the beach!”
— Anna Yeandel, Mousey O’Sullivan

“I homeschool…sooooo…but my son sleeps in late, so I wake up early and enjoy the quiet!” — Shelley Levin, The Happy Gnome

“I miss them. I like having everyone home during the summer, with the house bustling. Now that my oldest is a teenager I realize how short this time really is.”  — Sarah Williams Smith, SarahSummer

“A target run with a Starbucks in hand, and basking in the sweet silence of the car.”— Brigit Parratore, Forget-me-not Shop

“We still have another 7 days, 168 hours, 10,080 minutes, 604,800 seconds until school starts here-but who’s counting?! ?? — Jennifer Klobe,  Peach Girl Jenn