Posted by | October 19, 2017
4 Simple Tips for Raising Unique Style

Editor's note: Welcome to our new series on encouraging self-expression through style. This is our second post (you can find the first one on balancing your style and your kids' style right here) — we hope you find it helpful! Want to share your story? Let us know! —Kate Each kid...

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Posted by | September 26, 2017
How to Make Friends at the Playground (For Moms)

School is back, and with it comes the back-to-school grind. Personally, I always look forward to this blessed event as a peace-filled time complete with interruption-free Instagram scrolling and book-reading freedom. But let’s be real. Standing among your peers as a gaggle of kids chase a soccer ball around the...

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Posted by | September 14, 2017
Finding Balance: My Style vs. My Kids’ Style

Have you ever quickly darted by the cartoon character t-shirts in Target, hoping your chatty toddler doesn’t notice the Princess Elena romper the store conveniently places within arm’s reach? Because if she does notice, it’s game over. Any adorable Cat & Jack dress I had envisioned pairing with a Mini...

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Posted by | September 7, 2017
When the Kids Are Away, The Moms Will Play

We asked the Kidizen community what it felt like to send their kids back to school. Some were happy, some were sad, some were really funny. Take a peek, have a laugh (or cry) and share your own! "I love going to breakfast alone. Hot coffee, warm food, and no...

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