Set Your Shop Up For Success

Setting up shop on Kidizen can seem a bit daunting, but it really is very easy to establish yourself in the community and to begin to see sales roll in! Here are a few tips to get you started!

Choosing a name for your shop is your first priority. Unique and cutesy names are fun, but you also want to make sure that your name is easy to spell, memorable for fast recall, and searchable! Using symbols and emojis make searching names difficult, and if the name is too long or unique, it can be hard for potential buyers to remember it and find you again. It’s also a good idea to search the name you are considering first to make sure you are not duplicating a name that is already being used in the app. Don’t like the name that you opened your account with? No worries it’s easy to change your shop name under “edit profile” in settings.

Once you’ve selected the perfect shop name, it’s time to introduce yourself to the community.  Your shop bio is a way to communicate a little bit of who you are and what your buyers can expect from you as a seller. Personal details about your children, location, interests, and hobbies are fun tidbits to include Kidizen is not just a re-selling platform, but a place for women to connect and find community, and we like to know a little bit about one another! Your bio is also a great spot to detail some information that is important to a buyer, such as your shipping timeframe, if you are a pet or smoke-free home, and any other pertinent selling specifics you might want to share.

HINT: If you have more to say than the data field will allow, type your bio outside the app, then copy and paste it into the description box.

Finally, you’re ready to make your shop POP! Give your shop a personalized look by uploading photos under “edit profile” in settings. The profile photo in the top center works well for a close-up picture or a sign with your shop name, but the background photo is the best place to begin customizing your shop. Uploading photos of your family or using different backgrounds can make your shop unique and look like YOU! If you’d like to communicate a sale or post information in your background, using free apps such as Font Candy, PicCollage, or Typorama to create a poster for this section is a fantastic way to share details with potential buyers. Changing up the look of your shop every so often is also another way to keep things interesting!

HINT: Position your text toward the middle of the page when creating a poster so it will display correctly in the background area in the app.

Congratulations! You have a personalized shop, ready for listings!


Jennifer Klobe, a.k.a. Peach Girl Jenn, is a thrift shopping, coffee drinking Minnesota mom of three who loves classic styles and all things girly.