25 Days of Top-Selling Brands: Little Sleepies

As we countdown our top-selling brands of 2023, we want to take a moment on what makes each brand loved in our community. Today, we celebrate Little Sleepies. Created by a mom, Little Sleepies makes buttery soft pajamas for the entire family. Gentle on sensitive skin, their bamboo viscose fabric keeps kids cozy in the winter and cool in the summer. Besides pajamas, they also make dresses, zippy sleepers, rompers, sleep bags, sweatshirts, joggers, tees, blankets, accessories, and more! With tons of prints, including Halloween, Hanukkah, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Star Wars, 4th of July, Harry Potter, rainbow, apple, unicorn, pumpkin, and breakfast, you are sure to find one that you will fall in love with. 

*Bunny Row

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*Sun Bunny & Co


Directly from our community:

Little Sleepies is one of our favorite brands for pjs. They are super soft and stretchy which makes them last that much longer before having to size up. They also wash well with little to no fading. Most of the pjs we own have been worn so many times and still look amazing. My little guy has some sensory issues so the way something feels on his skin is very important or he just won’t wear it. The soft bamboo is perfect for his sensitive skin and many times on lazy weekends it’s almost impossible to get him out of his pjs because he loves them so much.” – Tanya Baldacci

“I highly recommend buying yourself some of their bamboo pjs! We LOVE Little Sleepies. My kids can wear them for so much longer as they’re so stretchy and soft. Soft twirly dresses too! Curious about their other day wear stuff. Just got a new shirt for me and now I want more.” – Ellen Ridgely

“We love Little Sleepies. They have fun prints, soft and stretchy bamboo fabric, and great resale value. We can wear the same items for multiple years because the sizing is so flexible. I think we love their Play (day wear) line more than their PJs. The twirl dresses are a favorite here.” – Danielle Bowen @charmcitykids


Sizing Notes:

Little Sleepies seems to run true to size and has flexible sizing due to the stretchy fabric. We have included Little Sleepies size charts for reference. 

Two-Piece Pajama Set


Sleepy Bag

Play line


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