Closet Clean Out Challenge Day 5: Toys, Books, & Games

This one might be my favorite – it’s time to get rid of all those toys they only played with twice, the books that they read three years ago and the games that never made it into regular rotation! 

While you might be worried about the cost of shipping something a little heavier, you can take advantage of Kidizen’s great prices on larger mailing labels. Save all those Amazon boxes (well, maybe just a few) and that bubble filler to use for shipping out toys. I would also highly recommend bundling toys to really optimize that 5-pound label. Consider the same with games which are even easier to ship together. Just make sure prior to listing that all of the pieces are accounted for or the missing ones noted. No one wants to get to the end of a 1000-piece puzzle and discover that it can’t be completed!

All right, so what about books? Books can get heavy but there is a cost-efficient shipping option through USPS that you can use called Media Mail. Kidizen doesn’t currently have this option so you would need to ship through Pirate Ship, USPS, or Stamps. Media Mail allows you to ship BOOKS ONLY for reduced shipping costs. USPS does check these and if they find that non-book items are being shipped (including a mix of book and non-book items), they will either return it to you, charge the buyer, or it may end up in the land of misfit mail. 

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Randi Pivec

Randi Pivec a.k.a. Violet’s Closet, is a kids clothes shopaholic and photo-obsessed mama of two who is just trying to figure this parenting thing out. She loves to answer any and all questions about Kidizen in the app and the Hello Kidizen Facebook group. When she isn’t helping other moms navigate buying and selling, she’s curating collections and brainstorming new style features.