Shop My Cart! | Editor’s Picks for Early Summer

Getting tired of hearing us talk about the transition to spring and all its accompanying layers? Well, we’ve finally had more than two days with temperatures over 70 degrees at Kidizen HQ here in Minneapolis and that means spring is finally happening. We feel pretty safe saying summer is on the horizon. So without further ado, a list of things in our carts as we prepare for sunny days, pool parties, and warm weather adventures.

Sundresses from Eleanor Rose
Easy, breezy, and vintage-inspired, we love that this brand releases thematic collections that cover every silhouette and accessory. Think unicorn sundresses with matching bows, sets with patterned swimsuits in complementary patterns—you get the idea! Super fun to mix and match now that the weather is getting warmer. 

Colorful Kicks from AKID
The L.A. brand promises to keep kids looking fresh and we can’t imagine anything better going to (or from) the pool in mid-July. Unique sneakers and funky sandals with faux hair are just two of the features we like about this brand.

Bright Patterns from Mini Rodini
Summer isn’t all picnics and pool parties, and that’s where Mini Rodini really shines. With bright patterns you can pick out from any angle on the playground and bold colors that will leave you anything but blue, Mini Rodini is the the pick-me-up we all love.