4 Ways to Boost Visitors to Your Kidizen Shop

You open your Kidizen account. Pick a cute shop name. Add a profile photo and clever description. Then, you lovingly list a handful of your kids’ favorite (but outgrown) clothes. And then … well, you might wait. It’s not uncommon to ask yourself, “How in the world do I get more people to visit my shop on Kidizen?” You’re not alone! We hear it a lot and we have some easy tips that we’ve found help when it feels like things are slow.

Mama, it’s time to get active.


Our Kidizen sellers swear by listing as frequently as they can, though everyone acknowledges it’s hard to do it all the time (hello, #momlife!). “Most of my sales come the day of and the week after I’ve added new listings,” says Randi Pivec, our community manager and an active seller on Kidizen. “I aim to list 5-10 items at a time when I can.”


We host four hash flashes per week (on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday) which are organized around a theme (like #stripes). On 9 p.m. EST on those evenings, Kidizen community members go into their listings and tag them (if they align with the theme) to add them to the ongoing feed for that hashtag. It makes it easier for shoppers to find specific items they’re looking for and it’s a great way to engage with the rest of the community! Looking for this week’s hash flash lineup? Simply check the top of your Home feed.


Speaking of engaging, a great way to get your shop name out there is to spend time in Kidizen, following other shops and favoriting and commenting others’ listings and posts. Have an #ootd to share? #ISO of a particular item? Post in the Gallery! Don’t force it, but also don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You might be surprised how many new friends return the favor! Sharing an experience or advice in Hello Kidizen, our Facebook group? Don’t forget to include your shop name when you comment.


We are always looking for Collections to spotlight! Have you been inspired to create one recently? Send it our way and it might get posted in the Home feed and our social channels — now that’s a fun (and easy) way to get more eyes on your shop!

Have tips and tricks of your own? Post them below!