Welcome to Kidizen

I recently came across an interview where a mom shared this trick for keeping a cleaner home: invite guests over for dinner on school nights. (GASP) The basic premise being, that when you have people over in the middle of the week, you can’t go more than a few days before finally scrubbing the guacamole splatter from the dining room ceiling or relocating the mountain of shoes piled in front of the mudroom door. (My examples, not hers.) With pending guest arrivals, you have no choice but to get your … stuff together.

As it turns out, that idea applies pretty well to company makeovers, too.

Now, you may have noticed a few visual changes around the Kidizen app today. New colors! New logo! New graphics! We’ve been working on this new look for most of the summer, and we’re pleased to finally get to share it with all of you. Of course, like the family that has invited friends over for Taco Tuesday on the second week of school, not everything will be perfect. We still have some tweaks. Small changes here and there. And we apologize if this disrupts your experience in any way. But we wanted to show off our work sooner, rather than later — so we can keep getting better.

We also wanted to share a few ideas behind the changes, particularly around our tagline: A New State of Mine.

You see, like many of you, we’ve observed and experienced the incredible power of belonging that happens inside the Kidizen community. We see it in every bump party, shared piece of advice, and positive comment. In every profile that has been lovingly designed and shop that is uniquely branded. It’s more than buying and selling. It’s sharing. Your style. Your point of view. Your ideas. Your advice. More than what belongs to us, it’s been about cultivating a sense of belonging. Our new look and feel was built around this feeling, so you’ll be seeing a lot more of it in the coming months.

So welcome to Kidizen. Put out your shingle. Raise your flag. And make yourself at home. We’re just glad you’re here. Messy living rooms and all.

Kate Smith
Editorial Director at Kidizen