Ready to share where you’ve been (and where you’re going) in the Kidizen community? Earn stamps in your passport by doing what you love bestposting photos in the Gallery, referring friends, being an awesome shop ownerand lots more.

Visit your profile in the Kidizen app to see which stamps you’ve collected so far and learn how to collect them all! Learn more >



Be a friend and refer over 10 of your nearest and dearest to the Kidizen community to earn the Social Butterfly stamp. Bonus! They get $5 and you get $5 when they sign up and make a qualifying purchase using your referral code. How nice is that?


Click! Click! Like! Share 25 photos (or more) in the Gallery to earn the Shutterbug stamp in your Kidizen passport. Oh! And don’t forget to tag them with any brands, styles, or #kidizenkid for the chance to get a shop spotlight in our Feature feed.


Strike a pose! Sure, you’ve got style—now you’ve gotta show it by creating at least 20 Collections with at least 10 listings in each to earn the Curator stamp. (Have fun!)


Nailed it! The First Steps stamp celebrates new sellers who have added the first listing to their shop. Make your first sale to earn the New Kid stamp on your Kidizen Passport.


The New Kid stamp is like a high-five for sellers who have made their first sale. Make more than 10 sales to earn the Maven stamp in your Kidizen Passport. (And keep up the great work!)


The Maven stamp is for awesome sellers who have made 10 or more sales. Make more than 50 sales to earn the Whiz Kid stamp in your Kidizen Passport. (You’ve got this!)


Is it warm in here? The Whiz Kid stamp is for sellers on a hot streak with 50 or more sales. Keep up the hard work to earn the Pro stamp (that’s over 100 sales!) in your Kidizen Passport.


Make way for the Pro! This stamp is for sellers who have made over 100 sales—and counting. Keep doing whatever you’re doing (it’s obviously working) because the Trailblazer stamp for making 500 sales is on the horizon.


The Trailblazer makes hard work look easy with a creative approach to listing and selling (not to mention over 500 sales). They are an example to others and are well on their way toward the Kidizen Guru stamp for making over 1,000 sales. Wowza!


Boss lady. Entrepren-her. Guru. This stamp is for tip-top sellers who have made over 1,000 sales on Kidizen. We literally bow down your expertise, innovation, and know-how.


The Kid-iversary Stamp commemorates every year you’ve spent sharing, shopping, and selling all things kids’ style on Kidizen. Cheers to many more years to come.


The I  New Shops stamp is for Kidizen community members who make a purchase (or two) from new shops. Way to support your fellow Momizens! To earn this stamp, simply search the New Shops category in your Feature feed and start shopping!


June & January lovers unite! Buy or sell one or more J&J items to get this stamp (and access to a whole lot more)!


Who loves GroVia? You do! Buy or sell one or more GroVia items to get this stamp—and that’s just the beginning!