What's the Rewear challenge?

Donate your gently-used clothes and shoes from participating REWEAR® brands during the month of April. You’ll clear space in your closet, help support a healthy planet, and even receive some perks along the way. That’s a win for all.

A force for nature

We’re proud to work with the following brands. Ones who make quality, stylish clothing that lasts well beyond just one child’s wearing—because a healthier planet is a great look for any season.

You’ll receive special discounts from the brands you donate as a THANK YOU for doing your part in making a world of difference.

How to get involved

Grab your gently-loved clothing from participating brands.



Add a bit of info to this form to let us know what you’re donating.



Print out your prepaid mailing label and send items to Kidizen.

Learn more about the Rewear challenge by visiting FAQ. Have questions? Please reach out to rewear@kidizen.com

All profits from the sale of donated items on Kidizen will go to the Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation, an organization focused on establishing sustainability as an integral part of every child’s K-12 learning experience.

A community of like-hearted souls

The Kidizen community is filled with parents just like you. Ones who are dedicated to helping clothes live longer and the planet get healthier. Join Kidizen and get $5 off your first purchase.