Posted by | September 6, 2017
List It If You’ve Got It — Making The Most of Seasonality

If there is one tip I could offer for new sellers on Kidizen it would be: don’t wait for the perfect time to list your items. One of the most important things I learned after joining Kidizen was that there is a buyer for every item — and you never...

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Posted by | September 3, 2017
How to Prevent Shipping Mix-Ups

The dreaded shipping mix-up. It can happen. And it is the worst! So, I’m here to share the system I use to prevent it while keeping all my orders straight and on to their (correct) new homes. SLOW DOWN Seems obvious, right? As busy moms we have learned to manage...

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Posted by | August 17, 2017
3 Tips for Organizing Your Workspace

In my experience, getting your workspace organized will make your selling process as pleasant, easy, and fun as possible — and boy do I mean FUN! Want to see what I mean? Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve learned during my two years as a shop owner on...

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Posted by | August 10, 2017
How to Write Great Descriptions

For new sellers, listing items on Kidizen for the first time may seem a little intimidating, but I’m here to share some tips that I’ve learned along the way that will hopefully simplify the process for you! GET DETAILED I like to say I write my descriptions so I can sell...

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Posted by | August 1, 2017
Pricing Your Items To Sell

You start your listing, add pictures, put in a great description, and then you get to the pricing box. You freeze. What DO you price it for? You don’t want to go too low, but you also want someone to buy it. What is the magical number? A lot of...

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