The house is in chaos. Everywhere I try to walk, my feet meet a Lego. Slippers now on, I try to keep my cool after running into the train set for the tenth time today, as my kids are scolding the dog from knocking over their Lego Yoda in the background. Something’s got to go.

It’s time to clear out some stuff to make room for the holiday haul. That’s where Kidizen comes in. But let’s break it down. One day at a time. 

Kidizen is having a 7-Day Closet Clean Out Challenge. Every day this week when you complete the listing challenge, you’ll automatically be entered into the daily giveaway! Here are the details:



It’s that time. As I glance out my window at a half-assembled snowman, I know that it will disappear soon and spring flowers will take its place. That means that kids are going to need warm-weather clothing soon and parents are thinking ahead. I know you’re saying to yourself “it’s only January!”, but trust me on this one. 

Go through your kid’s closets and figure out what will fit this summer and what won’t. Also take a peek at what they’re currently wearing to check if anything may be getting a bit small or if there’s anything they tend not to wear. Don’t love it? Don’t keep it. If the clothes were in storage, you may be dealing with some wrinkles. You’ll want to get those out prior to listing anything. 

Looking for tips to tackle the wrinkles? Simply wash it again, lightly mist the clothes with water, and then put into the dryer for 5 minutes. You could use a handheld steamer which works really well for those pesky wrinkles.



Stay tuned for Day 2….