Meet Ashley Welker, Bel Air Kids (a.k.a. Lily & Lottie)!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself (location, family, how long on Kid/Scouting, etc)

I’m Ashley! I have three kids Lily (8), Charlotte (6), and Grant (3). I’m married to a Navy man, Ryan so we tend to move around every few years. We are currently in northern Maryland- about 2 miles from where I grew up. 

I’ve been selling my kids’ outgrown clothing since my oldest was born, around 8 years! I found Kidizen when I got tired of the lack of seller support on another platform and did a google search for children’s online consignments. 

My main shop is Lily and Lottie. I’ve been on Kid for 3 years and have a little over 1600 sales. My Scout shop opened in March.

2. What’s your fave polymailer design?

I love my mermaid scale bags from inspired mailers. 

3. What Kidizen tip(s)/advice do you have for sellers?

  • List consistently. 
  • Be honest with your descriptions. 
  • Especially in your Scout shop, research your prices. Not every item from every brand is created equal and your client likely paid a good amount for what you are selling. Pricing low may get you quick sales but it can quickly tank the market and leave unhappy clients. 
  • Take clear pictures without clutter or extraneous items in the background 
  • Answer every message even if it’s a low ball offer
  • Ship quickly

4. You recently did a fundraiser for your kids’ school. Could you share a bit about the experience and give some advice for other Scouts?

The fundraiser was an interesting experience. We had some definite communication issues with the PTA president and didn’t have quite the turnout we were hoping for. I ended up with two donations for the event. I have sold a good amount of items and have collected about $75 for the school. 

If you are considering doing a fundraiser with your school, be sure to have clear instructions on what will happen during the event. Have students donate 1-2 HIGH QUALITY items each. Be sure to give the facilitator a list of brands you can take. I feel like having the kids bring 1-2 items into school with them would be more effective than having a separate stand alone event.

Bonus: What is your favorite brand to dress your kiddos in?

I have so many favorite brands for my kiddos! Each kid also has a distinct personality so we have to consider this when dressing them. 

For Lily, we usually buy Zara tops and big chunky sweaters. She likes jeggings and leggings so we usually grab those from Old Navy. I can still get her to wear Matilda Jane & Wildflowers sometimes. I love Olive Juice for her too! 

Charlotte is my little fashionista. She wears all the fancy dresses. Matilda Jane, Wildflowers, Mabo, Zara, Rylee + Cru, Well Dressed Wolf, Omi Jo etc. I love finding new brands for her. She wears a dress every day. 

Grant is my mashup kid. I love indie brands and small shops for him. We love Rylee & Cru and all the Zara. We like graphic tees from Boden, not usually appliqués. He wears some of everything!

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