What’s Inspiring You?

If you routinely find yourself in the presence of tiny humans, you’re likely getting style inspiration in any number of unlikely places on a daily basis. The new paint color in my home office, for example, was taken from a mashed-up ball of Play-Doh I found hidden under my dining room table. 

Clever patterns on swaddles. Unique pockets on a new diaper bag. Even playing dress up with my son forces me to rethink how I pair clothes and accessories. I’ll stop at mismatching shoes, but I definitely mulled it over the last time he suggested a bright Vans slip-on for my right foot and a leopard print kitten-heel for the right.

For me, the same kind of eureka moment also happens when I find a whole group of Kidizen listings organized around a clever hashtag. Sometimes it includes the shop owner’s name, sometimes the clothes or accessories are based on a travel theme or wink to the season. It makes it easier for me to shop and, frankly, leads me to a lot of great community members I wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Of course, hashtags have some drawbacks, as we noticed at Kidizen HQ. First, you can’t really name them. You can’t really give them a description or context. You can’t see them all in one place. And there’s nothing that keeps other people from discovering and using someone else’s hashtag—we’ve even seen some shops get really clever with personalization to avoid it! But we knew there had to be a better way.

So last week, we officially launched Collections.

They let you take that moment of inspiration, whether it be a color, a specific item, an idea, or a moment in time, and make it your own. For shop owners, it could be a new way to merchandise your listings around size, brand, or gender. It’s whatever you want it to be.

Many of you may have noticed the Collections header nestled into your profile (next to Gallery tab) or you might have observed a new option to add something to a Collection on individual listing pages. Our incredible Customer Support team has put together a few FAQs (with screenshots!) to walk you through the process in an easy way, which you can read here:

What Is a Collection?
How Do I Create a Collection?
How Do I Share a Collection?

It’s easier than ever to keep track of the coolest things you’ve discovered on Kidizen. So, what inspires you? We can’t wait to see it.