List It If You’ve Got It — Making The Most of Seasonality

If there is one tip I could offer for new sellers on Kidizen it would be: don’t wait for the perfect time to list your items. One of the most important things I learned after joining Kidizen was that there is a buyer for every item and you never know when they’ll be searching for it.

While it is common practice to list items seasonally, and might even make sense for sellers who have fewer items to sell, I have found it is easier to list items as my kiddos outgrow them. Here is some of the reasoning behind it maybe some of it will work for you, too!

At the forefront of my rationale is a basic goal – clearing out the clutter from our living space. Once I start shopping for back to school or stock up on summer essentials, it doesn’t take long to be without a single empty hanger and have drawers overflowing. Think of listing your items as part of a “new year, new you” mentality, meaning anything that wasn’t going in a Forever-Box or won’t fit next year moves out, and the wardrobe possibilities for the upcoming seasons open up.

Don’t feel silly listing summer items heading into fall. Families who travel to warmer climates for end-of-year or holiday vacations often face the struggle of finding swimwear and summer clothes for their kids who have sprouted up since the start of the school year. Kidizen offers a convenient market for what buyers need, when they need it, and at a great price. Example: I have sold a one-piece swimsuit the same week that I sold a North Face winter ski jacket.

When your Feature feed is flooded with seasonal items, it becomes a buyer’s market. As the seller, you have to work harder to catch the eye of a thrifty shopper who wants to avoid the high prices of shopping new and who is also getting bombarded by thousands of other Kidizen shops trying to recoup their own costs. During this time I find that I’m more likely to offer discounts on items listed long ago. And bundling and negotiating with prospective buyers goes more smoothly when there’s that added flexibility and that will lead to more sales, too.

Author’s Note: I’m a very active user; I’m in the app multiple times a day to list new items, add a Gallery post, or participate in a bump party. If you list something off-season and don’t work to maintain your shop’s visibility, this method might not be quite as beneficial for you.


Annie Enriquez, a.k.a. The Titan & The Lily, is a West Coast mama with Midwest roots, raising beautiful little troublemakers, Lily and Atlas, in Seattle, WA.

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