How to Write Great Descriptions

For new sellers, listing items on Kidizen for the first time may seem a little intimidating, but I’m here to share some tips that I’ve learned along the way that will hopefully simplify the process for you!

I like to say I write my descriptions so I can sell while I sleep. So, what does that mean? It means I try to answer the questions a potential buyer might have about an item in its description — before they have to ask! Things like, does it run true to size? Is it black but looks navy? Make sure your description is accurate and discloses flaws, including wash wear. If you are on the fence between categories, list conservatively with the slightly lesser category. It’s always better if the buyer is pleasantly surprised rather than disappointed.

HINT: I also add measurements in all my descriptions since sizing can often be tricky and prominently display the brand in several places (title, description, hashtag), especially if it’s a higher-end or boutique item.

Infusing your description with your personality or its backstory can play an important role in selling your item, just be sure you’re not overselling it.

After I have completed my listing, I hashtag it. If you have room in the description you can do it there, or I hashtag in the comments below. I hashtag with the brand, any popular keywords or trends that might be fitting (#mustard #navy #buffaloplaid or #unicorns, for example) and any hashtags used in future hash flashes that I can think of. This can be a timesaver for upcoming hash flash days when you don’t have time to tag your shop. It can already be done for you!

Sometimes the item you are trying to list is a size that’s not exactly in the system, and this happens quite a lot with baby clothes. For example, I have some rompers in my shop that are size 18M (18 months). When listing, I choose the 12/18M category, as that indicates a size that’s 12 months up to 18 months. On top of that, I’ll try to list the accurate size in the title of the listing, and include it in the description so it’s crystal clear. (It never hurts to include a photo of the tag, too.)

I hope by compiling these tips that I can help all new sellers become more confident and make those first big sales!


Christa Oine, a.k.a. Wild Rumpus, is a mama to two boys navigating parenthood on-and-off the spectrum. You can follow her family blog at